My name is Gabrielle, also known as Gabby! I am currently 21, some may think (Is she experienced enough to learn anything from?). If this question crossed your mind please continue reading! I have a 7 year old son & three large dogs! Yes, you read that all correct. I had my child when I was just only 14 and I’m a crazy dog lover!


Why Am I Here?

I am an online website owner geared towards sharing helpful tips and offering products I complete to be purchased. I share a large variety of content. Most of which would be categorized under Family, Household, Dogs, and Money Saver! I hope to achieve just what you are looking for while you read my posts. If you ever have a question or comment, please feel free to reach out and contact me.

Things I Enjoy!

I have many things that help me get through my day and hobbies that I partake in on my free time. What are things that you have a passion for? Mine may or may not be something that you would consider doing or enjoying. I strive everyday to have a positive mindset, I’ve became to realize that having a negative outlook on life only guides you in the wrong direction. If you only act on good intentions, then you will start to become surrounded by positive outcomes and good hearted people.