My Gentle Pit Bull

Pit Bull’s are known to be an aggressive breed, this is false! They are a very intelligent and loyal breed. Any breed of dogs can grow to be aggressive, this happens by their owners not raising them right. As you can read in my about me, I’m a mom of three pit bull’s. I have owned a total of 6 pit bull’s altogether. These tips are what has worked for me and my dogs.


Start Them Young

Get Kids Involved

Create A Scheduled Feeding

Make A Space Just For Them

Encourage Non-Aggressive Play

Never Hit Them

Handle Bad Behavior

Let Them Socialize

& Love Them!



If you have information or questions that you would like me to cover, leave a comment for me below!


Becoming A Dog Owner 101

Are you a dog lover or considering becoming a dog parent?

I have three very large dogs, who run my household. There are many factors to take into consideration when becoming a dog owner. Even though I love my dogs, they are also a handful of stress! Do you have the patients to care for an animal? Not only do you need patients but you also need FREE time. Lots and Lots of free time!

Free Time

Some people may say why do I need free time for an animal? It’s not “just an animal”, dogs are very intelligent. They require lots of discipline and love! Just as we have to be taught right from wrong, so does a dog. Sometimes you’ll come home to your house upside down. You have to help your dog learn that it’s behavior is not okay. This will take time! I DO NOT recommend beating your dog. There are many ways to discipline your dog and if you run out of ideas search away! The internet hold a world full of answers. Your dog does not come potty trained. This is something you will have to work on. Not every dog catches on as easy as others might. Even if you get an older dog, you may have to retrain it.

What do I feed my dog?

     Your first thought is going to be dog food! Dogs most defiantly eat dog food but choosing the right kind of dog food is very important to your dogs health. Depending on the type of dog, the size, and the age of the dog it may have a specific diet that is needed to keep it at a healthy state. Not all brands of dog food are good for your dog either! Before choosing a brand, do your research on the different types. If you’re not sure where to start you can always go to your closest pet store and get recommendations